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Integrity Insurance Solutions is about providing a level of urgency and attentiveness that assures our Clients will not experience missed business opportunity. Our Services are competitive in Coverage provided and Premiums placed.

We maintain a domestic United States presence and handle both Domestic Clients doing business abroad as well as International Clients entering commerce into the United States. Over 95% of all Business Insurance transactions are processed remotely in less than a few hours using the latest software tools and technologies. More complex issues are evaluated rapidly and decisively.

Through our overriding goal of customer focused profitability, we have earned and sustain one of the industry’s highest client retention rates. Our ideal client is an “on the rise” and assertive company seeking superior insurance solutions. Our clients are also results oriented with sophisticated insurance requests that need answers - not manuals.

Acclaimed insurance programs are reviewed several times during every policy term to assure risk management and ongoing risk exposure are customized for developing operations. To determine if there would be a benefit for such service to your Business please call for an appointment and more in-depth discussion.

At times you need a sounding board on insurance issues, you do not need to be a client, please feel free to call IIS at 877-444-0494 and we will be happy to have a discussion.

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